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Laser Dentsitry Has Arrived

November 15, 2010

     My dental hygienist Brenda  is so excited.  She just returned to the office from a Laser course in San Diego.  What she learned will change the lives of our patients.  By using a soft tissue laser in the periodontal pockets,  the area becomes sterile, void of those bone eating bugs that lead to smelly, diseased gums and eventual loss of teeth.  The laser uses light and heat to work and is quick and painless.  Other uses of the laser include: healing ulcers, releasing  frena (pieces of skin that lead to the “tongue-tied”  condition), removing unwanted growths, speeding the healing of “cold sores”, trimming gum tissue  and desensitizing teeth.  Bottom line is that we now have a painless  way to grow attachment that does not involve expensive gum surgery.  Call our office if you would like any further information: ( 562) 435-8339 or check out our website:

Snoring may be fatal

November 1, 2010

I just returned from a two-day seminar put on by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine  (AADSM).  Snoring may be a sign of a more severe, possibly fatal, condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  OSA occurs when an individual’s airway is blocked during sleep.  Breathing becomes labored or stops altogether.  The primary cause of the impaired breathing is the blockage of the airway caused from the tongue.  This condition can improve for some by losing weight or sleeping on one’s side instead of one’s back (where gravity leads to the tongue’s dangerous position).  The typical treatment of OSA involves   getting evaluated by a physician in a sleep laboratory and using a CPAP machine at night.  The CPAP machine delivers positive pressure oxygen through a mask to open the airway.

This is where dentists become part of the solution.  If a CPAP machine cannot be tolerated or in less severe cases of OSA, a physician may prescribe a dental appliance to be worn at night.  Typically these appliances position the lower jaw forward and as a result open the airway.  If you need more information call my office: (562)435-8339

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