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Picture Day @ Our Office

December 10, 2010

Today we finally got around to updating our internet photographs.  Of course everyone hates their photographs.  What do you think? 


December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving has just passed and pretty soon we will be celebrating another new year.  In this blog I want to give thanks to my very special patients.  You know who you are.  When my staff and I see your names on the schedule, we all smile and look forward to your arrival.  Dentistry can be stressful for everyone involved but your visits are actually fun.  You appreciate what we do and you let us know it.  You are our friends.  You keep us motivated to continually update our skills, our office, and our equipment.  You trust and respect us enough to refer your friends and families.  May the new year bring you all health and happiness.  Your continued presence in our practice will ensure ours. Thanks

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