Are you the sensitive type?

Many patients we see have sensitive teeth.  They cannot enjoy cold ice cream, hot coffee, sugary sweets or acidic fruits.  Imagine life without pineapples and doughnuts!  The causes of sensitivity are many, including gum recession, cracked teeth, acidic erosion, clenching and grinding,  missing tooth structure, aggressive brushing, and existing dental work.  Fear not!  There are now many ways to bring the  joy back into eating.

Adult fluoride treatments following dental cleanings are easy and inexpensive.  A varnish  brushed over the teeth can provide relief and protection from decay for up to six months.  Replacing leaking fillings, covering cracked teeth or placing new bonded fillings can also help.

A new exciting way to eliminate sensitivity from gum recession or erosion is by zapping the area with a laser for thirty seconds.  The light increases the viscosity of the fluids in the little microscopic tubules present in tooth structure and prevents the transmission of the pain stimuli.  Imagine , no shot, no pain and in thirty seconds all sensitivity eliminated.

Additional treatments  involve the use of special toothpastes  (i.e. Sensodyne) to block the pain impulses and  other agents to neutralize the acidic environment and remineralize the lost tooth structure (MI paste).

Any of the above treatments can help with your sensitive side and allow you to enjoy all the goodies that you have been avoiding.  Give us a call at (562)435-8339 or visit us at  We can help.


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