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Dentistry Made Simple

March 30, 2011

     Our office just purchased the “Isolite System”, technology that makes dentistry easier,  quicker, more durable and better! 

I have seen this product advertised in the dental journals for over a year but I was skeptical about whether it was necessary for my dental practice.   A couple of months ago a salesman for this product stopped by my office and demonstrated the system.  I was not convinced but asked if he could let me try out the product on one of my afternoon patients.  Sergio, a twenty-four year old severely handicapped young man, was scheduled for treatment and I wondered if this technology would simplify his dental visit.  To make a long story short, the visit went great and I purchased the system.  Sergio received great dentistry that would  have been impossible to achieve without the “Isolite” and I now have this piece of technology that will improve my service to all of my patients.

What is the “Isolite System”?  It is a combination high speed suctioner, illuminator,  back of the throat protector and teeth isolater.   Wow!  To my patients, it simply means better dentistry!  Many of the procedures we do today involve creating and maintaining a dry field.  We are always battling saliva and water.  Not anymore!

Exciting Movements

March 8, 2011

I just returned from a two-day orthodontic update seminar.  Everytime I attend continuing education, I am so excited to get back to the office to put into  place my “new and improved” knowledge and techniques.  This seminar focused on new ways to incorporate growth estimates into our treatment plans and actually predict movements and visualize different outcomes based on what we do (i.e. extracting teeth, wearing elastics or headgear, or not extracting teeth).

It is amazing what happens if we alter forces just a little.  If we activate a nickel-titanium coil one to two millimeters more, we will effectively move the back teeth forward instead of the front teeth back.  We can also vary forces and outcomes by changing the particular bracket that is placed on a tooth.  Customized bands and brackets allow us to improve our effectiveness in moving teeth.  This can translate into better looking outcomes in shorter periods of time!  Exciting movements!!

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