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A Dental Marketplace

May 1, 2011

The California Dental Association’s annual meeting is being held next week at the Anaheim Convention Center.  It is an amazing gathering of all things dental and our office attends each year.  On display are dental products of the present and future.  My assistants, hygienists, office managers and I can pick up and tryout new technology and discuss concerns and uses with the company’s representatives.  Over the years, we have used this showcase to research and acquire most of the technology that our patients now take for granted – lasers, digital radiographs, new dental chairs, more cosmetic and easier to use fillings, ultrasonics, fiber optic handpieces and the subject of our last blog, the”Isolite” system – just to name a few. The meeting also offers a myriad of continuing education courses that will ensure correct usage of our anticipated purchases.  Stay tuned. My future blogs will detail the benefits of next week’s adventure.

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