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My Latest Dental Purchases

June 4, 2011

  My last blog dealt with the annual dental convention my staff and I were planning to attend in Anaheim, CA.  The meeting highlighted many great dental technologies, most of which we already feature in our practice (digital x-rays, dental lasers, digital photography, invisible dental fillings).  I attended courses dealing with dental lasers, children’s dentistry, oral surgery, and medical billing for our patients.  I always learn something new. As far as equipment purchases, I ordered new fast dental curing lights (what sets up the bonding agents and the white fillings) and an additional equipment sterilizer to increase the efficiency of our process to produce clean, sterile instruments  for our patients.  In our daily meetings, I always stress that the next patient could be your mother or daughter so prepare the operatories accordingly!  Dentists love gadgets that improve the quality of the care we provide to our patients.  At your next visit to our office, you can see and benefit from our new “toys”.

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