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Amazing Sonic Dentistry

July 31, 2011

In the dental field we have been using instruments that vibrate at the speed of sound for a long time.  Most of you have had the dental hygienist scale the hard deposits off your teeth with an ultrasonic scaler (you know, the vibrating instrument that shoots water all over your face!).   Recently, we started incorporating sonic instruments to really clean the canals in teeth during root canal therapy. Now we have a sonic instrument to facilitate the placement of white fillings on back teeth.  This will revolutionize the way dentists restore teeth.  At the present, most dentists fill these teeth in many layers, curing the material one layer at a time. This is done to compensate for the shrinkage of the material as it is cured and to insure that the light that sets up the material reaches the deepest parts.  It is a very  time-consuming protocol, usually requiring 30 -40 seconds per increment.  Also, when layering the material it is very difficult to avoid getting little voids between the layers.


We now have an instrument that vibrates the white filling material at the speed of sound and converts the thick resin into a flowable state that can easily fill the entire cavity at one time. Once the machine stops, the resin turns back into a more viscous form that can  be shaped and carved by the dentist into a beautiful representation of the original unblemished tooth.  The special material also includes more photo-initiators to allow the whole restoration to be cured at once.

Everyone benefits from this new technology.  Sonic assisted fillings are better (less voids) and faster.

Dr. David J. Hauss, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry:


July 10, 2011

I wish all my patients, present and future, a great, relaxing, and stimulating summer.  Although I have to keep reminding myself, there is more to life than just teeth.  My family will be busy this summer getting my son ready to start college.  He will be attending Princeton University where he will compete on their swim team and study engineering (no interest in dentistry at this point).

There is a new piece of dental technology that I will be trying out in the next month. My blog would not be complete unless I mentioned some aspect of dentistry! Kerr Dental  has come up with a way to bulk fill white fillings.  The material is sonically vibrated into the cavity which allows the restoration to be placed, without voids, in one application. This will improve the fit and reduce the time to place.  Better and faster – who can argue with that?

Enjoy your summer.


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