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Summer Fun and College Woes

August 28, 2011

       My family and I just returned from our vacation in Maui.  My son is starting college next week and this could very well be our  last vacation together as a family.  Everyone says that time passes quickly so cherish every moment with your children.  They are correct.  I will miss the baseball catches, tennis matches, swim meets, soccer tournaments, driving lessons, family dinners, and vacations.   I will miss those moments of enlightenment, when the imparting of knowledge makes you feel proud to be a dad.  I sadly  will also regret the times I could not be there for my son.  Work and educational requirements sometimes forced me to forego a sporting event or a special school function.  I am not the first to say this but if you have children, you will never obsess over attending too many functions for your kids but you will regret the few that you do miss.  I will try to do better with my daughter’s remaining years in our household.  Enjoy the time you have with your respective families.  Aloha

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