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Communication in the Digital Age

September 18, 2012

Image     Our dental office is going through the interesting task of changing the way we ccommunicate with our patients.  This is another step in our ultimate goal to become paperless, efficient and convenient.  The digital age is upon us.  We do apologize if the newsletters, appointment confirmations, e-mails and text messages are a bit too much but we are going through the process of streamlining all contacts.  Apparently our office management software does not provide all of the answers so we are trying out other vendors. 

    If we have your mobile cell phone number or e-mail address, we will use these two days before your appointment to remind you of the time.  If you respond, we will not contact you again.  

     If you have a scheduled appointment, within one week of this date, you can go to our website ( and update your medical history by pressing the tab “Patient Information” or if you are a new patient, pressing the tab “New Patient Forms”.

     Thanks for your patience. The future will be better for everyone.  We would appreciate any feedback or comments.

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