Best Crowns Ever!

In the world of dentistry, a crown is a restoration made by a laboratory to fit over a prepared tooth to restore its natural form and function.  Over the years many different materials have been used to accomplish this task.  Dentists love gold but our patients do not. Most everyone will not be satisfied unless the tooth looks like a tooth.  The typical crown that  evolved has a strong metal core and a pretty porcelain outer layer.

I am happy to report that the crowns we can now make for our patients are stronger, prettier, more translucent, more natural and better fitting. My new favorite crown is called e.max.  It can be made in a cad-cam machine or  can be pressed.    The fit is great and it can be easily bonded or cemented onto the tooth. The bond-ability of the e.max lends itself to very conservative preparations – no extension necessary for hiding unsightly margins or to gain strength.  To add to its qualities, the restoration is radiopaque – you can see through it on an x-ray!

For a really strong crown, we can use solid zirconium.  It is a metal but it is actually milled from tooth colored blocks.  It is not quite as translucent as e.max but it is really strong and also fits great.

Just to complicate matters, the above materials can be combined for a crown that has a strong zirconium core and a beautiful, translucent e.max or porcelain veneer.

It is a great time to be a dentist and an even better time to be a dental patient.

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