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Dentistry & eBay

April 6, 2013

ebay endo 001

Another dental convention is getting ready to open at the Anaheim Convention Center in southern California and I will need to decide which of the many products displayed will be the  the next greatest instrument that will make dentistry even easier, better, and faster for me and my patients.  Last year it was the DentalVibe and SonicFill.  The year before that it was the Isolite.  In other years, there were digital x-rays, digital cameras, special surgical instruments and matrix band rings.

The downside of all these great innovations is what to do  with the previous versions. The picture above represents thousands of dollars worth of files and fillers that were my ticket to easy, safe, fast, and predictable  endodontics (root canals).   How could I pass when I was presented with something seemingly better?  I could not and herein lies my current dilemma:  What should I do with all of these past superstars?

I am doing what everyone seems to be doing with their unwanted  stuff –  selling it on eBay.  My first venture was somewhat successful but my current foray is failing.  I have lowered my offering price three times without success.

If there is anyone out there in current need of last year’s greatest root canal technique with all the necessary components, please buy it from me on eBAy.  Next week I will be looking for the next best, greatest, can’t live without dental thing and  I am sure that I will have even more to unload.

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