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May 8, 2013
Preparing for Nepal

Preparing for Nepal

I promised to report back on my discoveries at this year’s California Dental Association’s meeting in Anaheim so here goes.  I spent two days walking long aisles packed with vendors and made some major purchases that will benefit our patients and our dental practice.

Trying to improve upon the current x-ray experience (as good as it may be already), I acquired a different digital x-ray system. It features a sensor (the thing that goes in your mouth) that is smaller and has rounded corners for comfort and newer software to produce clearer images.  I can almost hear the sighs of relief!

My other purchases  were not as dramatic but will also improve the care we deliver to our patients.  These included additional cordless LED curing lights, a second SonicFill  system ( delivers tooth colored fillings) and an ergonomic chair for the doctor (getting older!).

On the family side, it is official. My daughter Maddie has just accepted the admission’s offer from the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing.  Go Panthers!  My son Michael will be doing an eight week internship on water management in Nepal (following a 19 day trek to climb Mera Peak).  I plan on flying out and staying with him for a week.  I would have loved to do the trek/climb but I have no experience climbing and was advised not to go.

Hope all is well with you and your families. Thank you for your continued interest in this blog.

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