A Long Way From Home

Michael on the top of the world.

Michael on the top of the world.

My son is in Nepal in the middle of an eight week internship working for a non-government organization that is dealing with water management.  He flew out early so he could do a trek and climb to Mera Peak (over 21,000 feet).  Since he had a week off before  starting his work, I decided to go meet him in Kathmandu. I would help him get settled into his apartment, see an exotic land and spend some memorable father son time together.   Living in an apartment in a  residential area instead of a hotel  in the tourist section would give us a unique way to experience the people and culture.

Touring the sites in Patan

Touring the sites in Patan

The plane rides seem endless, the pollution is awful,  the monsoons are torrential, the heat and humidity  oppressive, the water undrinkable, the  electricity intermittent, the streets muddy and broken and packed with beeping, gas spewing motorcycles.

Nepal is very poor but the culture is very rich. The ancient monuments, temples and shrines are noted for their beauty and craftsmanship.  Hindu and Buddhist customs and holy areas coexist side by side.  The views of Mount Everest and the  Himalayas are breathtaking.  The Nepalese people are friendly, helpful, and diverse.

Our landlord's daughter showing her skills.

Our landlord’s daughter showing her skills.

The time spent with my son exploring a far off land … priceless.


2 Responses to “A Long Way From Home”

  1. Joe Ganem Says:

    Glad you went Doc. Can’t wait to hear more.

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