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Rock Climbing and Dentistry

September 8, 2013

ImageMy son came home from his summer internship in Nepal with a new passion ….. rock climbing.  As with everything Michael does, he took on this sport  100%.  He has special rock climbing shoes, a harness, various ropes and other assorted paraphernalia that is required of the serious climber.

One thing that he cannot purchase is someone (the belayer) to hold the rope and prevent any accidental falls should he let go of the wall.  This is where I come in.

During a week of climbing, Michael  informed me on several occasions that I need to pay attention to his movements and keep the rope taut as he ascends the wall.  A mistake would not be reversible!

Many dental procedures are also difficult to do over.  With today’s emphasis on bonding restorations instead of cementing them, if details are missed the restorations are not easily replaced.

The moral of this blog is that  in any endeavor undertaken, pay attention to the details.


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