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October 2, 2013

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My son Michael had a terrible accident this week. He was bouldering (rock climbing without a rope) along with the Princeton Rock Climbing Club and fell.  He landed on a crash pad but in an awkward position, hitting his head on some rocks. He suffered a bad concussion.  He was flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital and that is where he remains.  Everyone assures us that with time he will be fine but the waiting is the scary part.

In past blogs I have written of Michael’s exploits. Last month’s blog revealed Michael’s new obsession with rock climbing. He scaled the twenty thousand feet high Mera Peak in Nepal without a scratch but almost lost it all falling from fifteen feet with a pad placed to cushion his fall.

I have also warned my readers to enjoy their children because they grow up so quickly.   Do not let a tragedy happen to realize how important family is to you.

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