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Listen To Your Doctor

February 1, 2015

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I would love to be writing about something else in my monthly blog but these photographs of the x-rays taken of my right foot are the only images that come to mind.  I suffered a stress fracture of my second metatarsal walking home from a restaurant on New Year’s eve in dress shoes.  I knew something was awry when the sickening sound of a chicken bone breaking was followed by a stabbing unrelenting pain.  I endured the six remaining blocks and was examined at urgent care a couple of days later.  The diagnosis was good.  I only had to wear this flat shoe for six weeks and limit all activity on the foot.  Three weeks later, everything was feeling better.  Against doctors orders I resumed easy workouts at the gym and wore regular shoes to work.  The result, a fracture of the third metatarsal and a displacement of the original fracture.


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