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Pursuing Happiness

November 1, 2015
Randy with family

Randy with family at Randyland

Randyland is Pittsburg’s most colorful landmark. It is also the home of artist Randy Gilson. We stumbled upon it during a recent visit with our daughter Maddie, currently a junior at The University of Pittsburgh.

What makes Randy so interesting is that he is the subject of a recent documentary that seeks to find the ten happiest people in America.

Upon entering Randyland, we were surprised to be greeted by Randy himself. He is indeed a happy person.  After posing for pictures, he spent the better part of the next hour telling us his story.  He grew up poor and often homeless with a hard-working mom and five siblings,  Being the oldest boy, he felt the obligation to help his mom provide for the family.  Mom’s advice: “No matter how many people are ahead of you, there are tenfold more behind you.”

Randy fixed up his rough area in Pittsburgh by cleaning trash up from abandoned parks and homes and planting flowers and gardens.

As to what makes him so happy?  You just may have to go to Pittsburgh and ask him yourself!

 Randy with Dr. David J. Hauss

Randy with Dr. David J. Hauss

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