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Another Race Another Year

July 17, 2018

IMG_3815Lis and Dr. Hauss support the Huntington Beach Community at the annual Surf City “Marathon”.

Promise Honored

September 30, 2017

My son’s gift to me this year was a hiking trip to Glacier National Park in Montana .  What was so special was his promise to hike at my pace.  Michael is a strong fit 24 year x swimmer and current rock climber.  He adds a mental and physical  intensity to everything he does.  I am a 61 year old dentist with two broken toes and an inconsistent and “light” exercise routine.  I would not have stood a chance if not for this “promise”.

What a present!  What a promise!!

Michael warned me that it would be hard and not fun if I did not get into better shape. With the encouragement of Kyle, one of the trainers at the Equinox gym, I worked out almost every day.  Treadmill, Stair master , Spin Classes, light jogs.

I am writing this blog so it is apparent that we survived the mountain.  The first day was the longest hike and despite blistered feet, I finished in a reasonable time.  Michael left once to explore an additional trail with no consequences. The second day involved a change of plans.  The fires raging below us dictated that we find a safer trail.  Michael found a narrow trail and we proceeded.   At a fork in the path, he wanted to take the road to the top, one that would give him a view to one of the Glaciers.  We separated and his plan was that we would meet on the trail, he on his way down and me still going up. Later we found out that this was Bear Country and it was not advisable to travel alone !

We had a great trip. Michael knew my limitations and accepted them.  I am looking forward to our next adventure.  Mount Fuji ?

Promise Honored.

I love my son.



Having Fun @ the Dentist

September 23, 2011

     Yes, dentistry can be fun!  In previous blogs I have written about the many new innovations that we have incorporated in our daily practice of dentistry.  Sonic  cosmetic fillings,  the Isolite mouth system, Zirconium crowns, multi media flat screen entertainment and educational programs, digital x-rays, Invisalign teeth straightening, dazzling teeth whitening, implants, veneers, lasers – the list goes on and on. Our dental procedures are quicker, prettier and last longer. I am excited about the upcoming American Dental Association meeting. This meeting will showcase the next great dental products.   It is a great time to be a dentist  (and a dental patient).

My Latest Dental Purchases

June 4, 2011

  My last blog dealt with the annual dental convention my staff and I were planning to attend in Anaheim, CA.  The meeting highlighted many great dental technologies, most of which we already feature in our practice (digital x-rays, dental lasers, digital photography, invisible dental fillings).  I attended courses dealing with dental lasers, children’s dentistry, oral surgery, and medical billing for our patients.  I always learn something new. As far as equipment purchases, I ordered new fast dental curing lights (what sets up the bonding agents and the white fillings) and an additional equipment sterilizer to increase the efficiency of our process to produce clean, sterile instruments  for our patients.  In our daily meetings, I always stress that the next patient could be your mother or daughter so prepare the operatories accordingly!  Dentists love gadgets that improve the quality of the care we provide to our patients.  At your next visit to our office, you can see and benefit from our new “toys”.

Are you the sensitive type?

February 26, 2011

Many patients we see have sensitive teeth.  They cannot enjoy cold ice cream, hot coffee, sugary sweets or acidic fruits.  Imagine life without pineapples and doughnuts!  The causes of sensitivity are many, including gum recession, cracked teeth, acidic erosion, clenching and grinding,  missing tooth structure, aggressive brushing, and existing dental work.  Fear not!  There are now many ways to bring the  joy back into eating.

Adult fluoride treatments following dental cleanings are easy and inexpensive.  A varnish  brushed over the teeth can provide relief and protection from decay for up to six months.  Replacing leaking fillings, covering cracked teeth or placing new bonded fillings can also help.

A new exciting way to eliminate sensitivity from gum recession or erosion is by zapping the area with a laser for thirty seconds.  The light increases the viscosity of the fluids in the little microscopic tubules present in tooth structure and prevents the transmission of the pain stimuli.  Imagine , no shot, no pain and in thirty seconds all sensitivity eliminated.

Additional treatments  involve the use of special toothpastes  (i.e. Sensodyne) to block the pain impulses and  other agents to neutralize the acidic environment and remineralize the lost tooth structure (MI paste).

Any of the above treatments can help with your sensitive side and allow you to enjoy all the goodies that you have been avoiding.  Give us a call at (562)435-8339 or visit us at  We can help.

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2011

     Happy New Year to my staff, patients, family and friends.  Everyone has goals that they set at the beginning of the year.  Our office goal for the last three years has been to become completely digital.  This proved to be a lot harder than anticipated. We have been making progress  and to this end, everyone can now log on to our website: and view their account, make an appointment, update their health history, and refer a friend.  We have also acquired a digital panorex machine.  A panorex is a type of x-ray that goes around a  patient’s head and enables us to take a picture of the entire mouth without placing anything in the mouth. This last piece of equipment will alow us to finally close our darkroom.  All images are now digital.

     Another one of our perpetual  goals is to continually update our skills though continuing education and to build on and improve our patients’ experiences in our office.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Laser Dentsitry Has Arrived

November 15, 2010

     My dental hygienist Brenda  is so excited.  She just returned to the office from a Laser course in San Diego.  What she learned will change the lives of our patients.  By using a soft tissue laser in the periodontal pockets,  the area becomes sterile, void of those bone eating bugs that lead to smelly, diseased gums and eventual loss of teeth.  The laser uses light and heat to work and is quick and painless.  Other uses of the laser include: healing ulcers, releasing  frena (pieces of skin that lead to the “tongue-tied”  condition), removing unwanted growths, speeding the healing of “cold sores”, trimming gum tissue  and desensitizing teeth.  Bottom line is that we now have a painless  way to grow attachment that does not involve expensive gum surgery.  Call our office if you would like any further information: ( 562) 435-8339 or check out our website:

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