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Aunt Mildred

May 31, 2017

Aunt Mildred is 94 years old and has all of her teeth!

This is the answer to the question:  At what age will I start losing my teeth?

Dental Office Yoga

April 3, 2017

IMG_2257 (1)

Life Is Too Short v.2

March 2, 2017

My cousin and his wife are selling their home and cruising the country in a brand new RV!

       Enjoy Life!



Happy Holidays!

November 30, 2011

The holiday season has started.  I say this every year but it seems like just a few months ago we were packing up our decorations and preparing for the cruel Southern California winter (just kidding).  I would like to take this opportunity to thank  my great staff: hygienists Brenda, Mai and Chau; assistants Stephanie, Ashley, Sol and Cathy; and front office managers Yvonne and Lori.  They all work very hard to facilitate the provision of quality dentistry to our valued patients. I would also like to extend my gratitude to these valued patients.  I am humbled by your trust, friendship and kind words. Thank you for allowing me to treat your families and friends.

From my family to yours:  Have a safe and fun holiday season!

A Dental Marketplace

May 1, 2011

The California Dental Association’s annual meeting is being held next week at the Anaheim Convention Center.  It is an amazing gathering of all things dental and our office attends each year.  On display are dental products of the present and future.  My assistants, hygienists, office managers and I can pick up and tryout new technology and discuss concerns and uses with the company’s representatives.  Over the years, we have used this showcase to research and acquire most of the technology that our patients now take for granted – lasers, digital radiographs, new dental chairs, more cosmetic and easier to use fillings, ultrasonics, fiber optic handpieces and the subject of our last blog, the”Isolite” system – just to name a few. The meeting also offers a myriad of continuing education courses that will ensure correct usage of our anticipated purchases.  Stay tuned. My future blogs will detail the benefits of next week’s adventure.

Dentistry Made Simple

March 30, 2011

     Our office just purchased the “Isolite System”, technology that makes dentistry easier,  quicker, more durable and better! 

I have seen this product advertised in the dental journals for over a year but I was skeptical about whether it was necessary for my dental practice.   A couple of months ago a salesman for this product stopped by my office and demonstrated the system.  I was not convinced but asked if he could let me try out the product on one of my afternoon patients.  Sergio, a twenty-four year old severely handicapped young man, was scheduled for treatment and I wondered if this technology would simplify his dental visit.  To make a long story short, the visit went great and I purchased the system.  Sergio received great dentistry that would  have been impossible to achieve without the “Isolite” and I now have this piece of technology that will improve my service to all of my patients.

What is the “Isolite System”?  It is a combination high speed suctioner, illuminator,  back of the throat protector and teeth isolater.   Wow!  To my patients, it simply means better dentistry!  Many of the procedures we do today involve creating and maintaining a dry field.  We are always battling saliva and water.  Not anymore!

Are you the sensitive type?

February 26, 2011

Many patients we see have sensitive teeth.  They cannot enjoy cold ice cream, hot coffee, sugary sweets or acidic fruits.  Imagine life without pineapples and doughnuts!  The causes of sensitivity are many, including gum recession, cracked teeth, acidic erosion, clenching and grinding,  missing tooth structure, aggressive brushing, and existing dental work.  Fear not!  There are now many ways to bring the  joy back into eating.

Adult fluoride treatments following dental cleanings are easy and inexpensive.  A varnish  brushed over the teeth can provide relief and protection from decay for up to six months.  Replacing leaking fillings, covering cracked teeth or placing new bonded fillings can also help.

A new exciting way to eliminate sensitivity from gum recession or erosion is by zapping the area with a laser for thirty seconds.  The light increases the viscosity of the fluids in the little microscopic tubules present in tooth structure and prevents the transmission of the pain stimuli.  Imagine , no shot, no pain and in thirty seconds all sensitivity eliminated.

Additional treatments  involve the use of special toothpastes  (i.e. Sensodyne) to block the pain impulses and  other agents to neutralize the acidic environment and remineralize the lost tooth structure (MI paste).

Any of the above treatments can help with your sensitive side and allow you to enjoy all the goodies that you have been avoiding.  Give us a call at (562)435-8339 or visit us at  We can help.

Laser Dentsitry Has Arrived

November 15, 2010

     My dental hygienist Brenda  is so excited.  She just returned to the office from a Laser course in San Diego.  What she learned will change the lives of our patients.  By using a soft tissue laser in the periodontal pockets,  the area becomes sterile, void of those bone eating bugs that lead to smelly, diseased gums and eventual loss of teeth.  The laser uses light and heat to work and is quick and painless.  Other uses of the laser include: healing ulcers, releasing  frena (pieces of skin that lead to the “tongue-tied”  condition), removing unwanted growths, speeding the healing of “cold sores”, trimming gum tissue  and desensitizing teeth.  Bottom line is that we now have a painless  way to grow attachment that does not involve expensive gum surgery.  Call our office if you would like any further information: ( 562) 435-8339 or check out our website:

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