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Another Race Another Year

July 17, 2018

IMG_3815Lis and Dr. Hauss support the Huntington Beach Community at the annual Surf City “Marathon”.

Aunt Mildred

May 31, 2017

Aunt Mildred is 94 years old and has all of her teeth!

This is the answer to the question:  At what age will I start losing my teeth?

Dentists on the Slopes

March 2, 2016

Ski Trip1

Telluride, Colorado was this year’s site for the Cabrillo Dental Society’s annual ski and learn event.  My good friend Dr. Bill Fischer is a member and has graciously invited me and   four fellow University Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine alumni to join him on this annual trip.

Pictured above are Dr. Gary Lang, Dr. Bill Butt, your author, Dr. David J. Hauss and Dr. Bill Fischer.  A late scratch was  Dr. Mike Forman.  This year will be our 35th year anniversary from dental school.  These hands have helped shape a lot of smiles!

We ate elk, absorbed some dental knowledge, told stories, skied a beautiful mountain, and all returned home uninjured.

Ski Trip3Ski Trip2

The Dental Vibe Revisited

June 7, 2012

     We have been using  ” The DentalVibe” for about two weeks now and, as promised in our last blog, we are ready to report on its efficacy.  Just as a reminder, “The DentalVibe” is a device that vibrates the area in the mouth that is getting ready to receive an injection and confuses the brain in such a way as  to block any other pain impulses.  My patients will remember that I have tried in the past to duplicate this effect by vigorously shaking their lips and cheeks.  The Dental Vibe is more effective (and the patients can leave without my fingerprints on their cheeks!). 

     The results are in:  less discomfort, faster action, more fun.  View the following link for a ten year old’s experience with “The DentalVibe”:

Winter Wonderland & Biophosphonates

February 1, 2012

I just returned from a great ski trip in Breckenridge, CO.  The twenty – two dentists that went included five alumni from my University pf Pennsylvania dental school class (class of 81).  That was more than typically  attend our yearly alumni reunions. We were very lucky – 11 inches of snow fell the first night we were there and the town of Breckenridge was putting on its annual ice sculpture contest!

As is typical of these outings we combine some continuing education.  This year’s speaker was John Tillner D.D.S.  and the topic was Biophosphonates.  Biophosphonates are drugs typically prescribed to increase bone density.  In a very small percentage of patients this can cause poor healing following mouth surgery.  If you are a patient on these medications, our office will discuss the risks and benefits  with you and your physician if surgery is required.

After spending three days and nights in weather ranging from -37 degrees (wind chill on top of the mountain) to 18 degrees, I really do appreciate our Southern California ideal weather!

Autumn in Princeton

October 19, 2011

I just returned from visiting my son at college for freshmen parent weekend. My son is doing well trying to juggle an extensive swim practice schedule with academics and social activities. His main emphasis when he was with me was on eating and napping, but he did find the time to give me a great tour of the campus.
We were very lucky. The season is changing and the colors are amazing. Living in California for the last thirty years, I forgot just how nice it was to witness such dramatic changes in nature.
In a month or so, winter will set in and he will be fighting the cold and snow trying to ride his bicycle to practice and class. During those times he may think back to the three days in October when nature cooperated and displayed its majesty.

Having Fun @ the Dentist

September 23, 2011

     Yes, dentistry can be fun!  In previous blogs I have written about the many new innovations that we have incorporated in our daily practice of dentistry.  Sonic  cosmetic fillings,  the Isolite mouth system, Zirconium crowns, multi media flat screen entertainment and educational programs, digital x-rays, Invisalign teeth straightening, dazzling teeth whitening, implants, veneers, lasers – the list goes on and on. Our dental procedures are quicker, prettier and last longer. I am excited about the upcoming American Dental Association meeting. This meeting will showcase the next great dental products.   It is a great time to be a dentist  (and a dental patient).

Summer Fun and College Woes

August 28, 2011

       My family and I just returned from our vacation in Maui.  My son is starting college next week and this could very well be our  last vacation together as a family.  Everyone says that time passes quickly so cherish every moment with your children.  They are correct.  I will miss the baseball catches, tennis matches, swim meets, soccer tournaments, driving lessons, family dinners, and vacations.   I will miss those moments of enlightenment, when the imparting of knowledge makes you feel proud to be a dad.  I sadly  will also regret the times I could not be there for my son.  Work and educational requirements sometimes forced me to forego a sporting event or a special school function.  I am not the first to say this but if you have children, you will never obsess over attending too many functions for your kids but you will regret the few that you do miss.  I will try to do better with my daughter’s remaining years in our household.  Enjoy the time you have with your respective families.  Aloha

Amazing Sonic Dentistry

July 31, 2011

In the dental field we have been using instruments that vibrate at the speed of sound for a long time.  Most of you have had the dental hygienist scale the hard deposits off your teeth with an ultrasonic scaler (you know, the vibrating instrument that shoots water all over your face!).   Recently, we started incorporating sonic instruments to really clean the canals in teeth during root canal therapy. Now we have a sonic instrument to facilitate the placement of white fillings on back teeth.  This will revolutionize the way dentists restore teeth.  At the present, most dentists fill these teeth in many layers, curing the material one layer at a time. This is done to compensate for the shrinkage of the material as it is cured and to insure that the light that sets up the material reaches the deepest parts.  It is a very  time-consuming protocol, usually requiring 30 -40 seconds per increment.  Also, when layering the material it is very difficult to avoid getting little voids between the layers.


We now have an instrument that vibrates the white filling material at the speed of sound and converts the thick resin into a flowable state that can easily fill the entire cavity at one time. Once the machine stops, the resin turns back into a more viscous form that can  be shaped and carved by the dentist into a beautiful representation of the original unblemished tooth.  The special material also includes more photo-initiators to allow the whole restoration to be cured at once.

Everyone benefits from this new technology.  Sonic assisted fillings are better (less voids) and faster.

Dr. David J. Hauss, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry:

My Latest Dental Purchases

June 4, 2011

  My last blog dealt with the annual dental convention my staff and I were planning to attend in Anaheim, CA.  The meeting highlighted many great dental technologies, most of which we already feature in our practice (digital x-rays, dental lasers, digital photography, invisible dental fillings).  I attended courses dealing with dental lasers, children’s dentistry, oral surgery, and medical billing for our patients.  I always learn something new. As far as equipment purchases, I ordered new fast dental curing lights (what sets up the bonding agents and the white fillings) and an additional equipment sterilizer to increase the efficiency of our process to produce clean, sterile instruments  for our patients.  In our daily meetings, I always stress that the next patient could be your mother or daughter so prepare the operatories accordingly!  Dentists love gadgets that improve the quality of the care we provide to our patients.  At your next visit to our office, you can see and benefit from our new “toys”.

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