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Another Race Another Year

July 17, 2018

IMG_3815Lis and Dr. Hauss support the Huntington Beach Community at the annual Surf City “Marathon”.

Our Annual Holiday Party

January 1, 2018

A Day on beautiful Catalina Island!  A big thank you to Eduardo and Jesus who went out of their way to make this trip so  special.

Giving Back

December 3, 2017


Last month Nicole (one of our dental hygienists) and I participated in an annual event called Care Harbor. Physicians, nurses, dentists, and hygienists along with their support personal and volunteers donate their services to treat thousands  of poor people  who line up for days  to be seen.  It is a great feeling to be able to give back by making a small contribution to another’s welfare.


Promise Honored

September 30, 2017

My son’s gift to me this year was a hiking trip to Glacier National Park in Montana .  What was so special was his promise to hike at my pace.  Michael is a strong fit 24 year x swimmer and current rock climber.  He adds a mental and physical  intensity to everything he does.  I am a 61 year old dentist with two broken toes and an inconsistent and “light” exercise routine.  I would not have stood a chance if not for this “promise”.

What a present!  What a promise!!

Michael warned me that it would be hard and not fun if I did not get into better shape. With the encouragement of Kyle, one of the trainers at the Equinox gym, I worked out almost every day.  Treadmill, Stair master , Spin Classes, light jogs.

I am writing this blog so it is apparent that we survived the mountain.  The first day was the longest hike and despite blistered feet, I finished in a reasonable time.  Michael left once to explore an additional trail with no consequences. The second day involved a change of plans.  The fires raging below us dictated that we find a safer trail.  Michael found a narrow trail and we proceeded.   At a fork in the path, he wanted to take the road to the top, one that would give him a view to one of the Glaciers.  We separated and his plan was that we would meet on the trail, he on his way down and me still going up. Later we found out that this was Bear Country and it was not advisable to travel alone !

We had a great trip. Michael knew my limitations and accepted them.  I am looking forward to our next adventure.  Mount Fuji ?

Promise Honored.

I love my son.



Dental Office Yoga

April 3, 2017

IMG_2257 (1)

Exciting Movements

March 8, 2011

I just returned from a two-day orthodontic update seminar.  Everytime I attend continuing education, I am so excited to get back to the office to put into  place my “new and improved” knowledge and techniques.  This seminar focused on new ways to incorporate growth estimates into our treatment plans and actually predict movements and visualize different outcomes based on what we do (i.e. extracting teeth, wearing elastics or headgear, or not extracting teeth).

It is amazing what happens if we alter forces just a little.  If we activate a nickel-titanium coil one to two millimeters more, we will effectively move the back teeth forward instead of the front teeth back.  We can also vary forces and outcomes by changing the particular bracket that is placed on a tooth.  Customized bands and brackets allow us to improve our effectiveness in moving teeth.  This can translate into better looking outcomes in shorter periods of time!  Exciting movements!!

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